Beacon Wants to Help get You Jobs

We want to help you climb the mountain - and we have a way to do it!

Cool! Why, tell me more.

Here's the deal:

We've built a new website just for Beacon students and alumni. Oh yeah, and also for our Allies who will be posting jobs and internships of all kinds. We call it "BeaconConnect" because it's the place for you to connect with your fellow Beacons and with the jobs and employers that are offering them

What can I do there?

Oh, so much. You can find jobs, of course. And get help writing your resume from trained pros. And do both real and practice interviews. And find people - both Beacons and professionals - who have experience in different industries and at a range of companies. Connect with them to network, learn more and be on your way. Did we mention discussion forums? And no site would be complete without a Photo Challenge just for fun.

Sure, sounds great. But does it really work?

You tell us. Look below for info on what happened this summer when we took it for a test spin.

OK, I'm in. What do I do now?

Just scroll down a little bit more and you can get started.

The Summer

When the virus hit, we rushed out a limited version of the site to help some of our Alumni get summer jobs and internships. The results speak for themselves. Note that 100% of the participating students received resume coaching, personal branding workshops, and career development advice. Each student met with a volunteer to gain valuable advice to boost their stock in the job market.


Full Participants


Alumni placed in jobs and internships


Approximate Dollars Earned



Hear About the Summer From People Who Were There

I want to log in

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